Noriko Kobayashi

1961 born in Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative of the Kobayashi Environmental Design Lab
Environmental designer, flower healing artist

1986・While working as employee of overseas-affiliated bank, made the decision to follow the path of designer that she had always yearned for
・Studied display at college of arts through correspondence course, and during this period was pupil of flower design great, Oishi Hiroshi
1988・Received Flower Designers’ Qualification Level 2 recognized by Nippon Flower Designers’ Association
1989・Entered Itokin Co. Ltd. Tokyo main office as designer
・As first staff in Japan of “Emilio Robba*”, led planting design for business and resort facilities etc. and engaged in developing showroom shop based on Emilio Robba’s concept
(*Emilio Robba is an internationally known French flower sculptor)
1992・Left Itokin, attended summer seminar in Landscape studies at Harvard Graduate School
Theme “Urban landscape design and relaxation in the environment”
1998・Established Limited Company Kobayashi General Greening (including Kobayashi Environmental Design Lab)
2007・Received aromatherapist qualification recognized by Japan Détente Aromatherapist Association
・Pupil to Ono Ken’ichi, teacher of deep breathing exercise, and studied techniques for eliminating psychological stress
2010・Started flower healing art, the launch of the area of “Mind environment”
2017・Feature in art volume “Peace Creator” decided, began serious production of watercolor art with energy in it
2018・Exhibited at 26th “World Peace Art Exhibition” Hiroshima, United Nations European Headquarters (Geneva)
・Exhibited at “Eternal Friendship Exhibition 2018” Taiwan Art Exhibition, accepted as member of National Palace Museum International Friendship Society
・Exhibited at “Japan Art Show 2018” in Las Vegas, Print Promotion Art Exhibition
2019・Exhibited at 24th “Art of Japan” Nationwide Selected Artists’ Exhibition, held at Ueno Royal Museum
・Accepted as honorary member of Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), exhibited at “Exhibition of MINERVA 2019 in London”
・Featured in art collection to commemorate enactment of the new era name “The Creators: Artists from Heisei to the era to come”, and exhibited in the exhibition to mark its issue, held at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
・Exhibited at “Beauty and Creation Touring Exhibition” Santiago de Compostela, Spain
・Exhibited at 27th “World Peace Art Exhibition” Yokohama, and Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna
・Exhibited at “Jardin Exhibition in Abu Dhabi”, Abu Dhabi, UAE
・Featured inHistory of Artistic Creation in Japan 24

☆I became aware of the importance of the environment around the mind, not just physical surrounds, in environmental design, and I created the theme of the mind environment. My own artistic activity as healer is producing flower healing art with the power of flower healing contained in the work. I depict the various energies on the earth using various colors. I want to send a pleasant energy to the people of the earth through my pictures. I certainly hope everyone will sense the energy.